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Natural solutions

Build, restore, modify.

With nearly 18 years experience in the field, SENS ATLAS has evolved to provide a "hands on" introduction to Adobe construction, from the foundations to the roof coverings. It includes identifying soil types, preparation of the mix, making the bricks, wall finishes and a wealth of essential information to allow one to build one's own home in this natural, ecologically friendly material.


Other nearby activities

We can also put you in contact with professional guides for those wishing to take advantage of what the canyon has to offer:


  • Rock Climbing


  • Mountain Biking


  • Overnight Camping


  • Visit Ait' Hani Salt Mine

  • Guided mountain treks 

SENS ATLAS aspires to offer the most relaxed yet stimulating environment set in a lovingly restored and extended Berber home yet with all modern conveniences. Walking through the nearby almond orchard, one reaches the patchwork of tilled, fertile earth that opens into the expanse of the canyon and the impressive river that runs it's length. If something more demanding and adventurous is desired, we have professional guides on hand for those in search of fossils, minerals or meteorites or just trekking through the dramatic mountain range.

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