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Sens Atlas merges traditional Berber living with comfort to create a truly unique experience.
Thousand year old architecture is imbued with modern convenience and artisan craftsmanship to offer our guests an experience unmatched in all the Atlas.
A rarely found mix of solitude, adventure and reconnection with the Earth, combine to make Sens Atlas a wonderful place to spend time in the majesty of the Great Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
We have painstakingly restored and modified the original 400yr old house to provide a level of comfort rarely seen in rural Morocco. We strive to maintain the charm and character whilst at the same time, provide beautifully furnished bedrooms and hand crafted bathrooms with ultra modern plumbing and appliances.

We offer 3 very individual bedrooms with ensuite or adjacent bathrooms starting at 35€ to 60€ per night, per person with a full breakfast included.
Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive, practical and hands-on experience to demonstrate the procedure and techniques of adobe construction from the foundations to the roof coverings, from brick making to tamped walls and all the trade secrets in between.
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